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What is a dental implant?

It is an artificial “root” made of titanium that is inserted in the maxillary or mandibular bone aiming at supporting and retaining a single crown or denture allowing restoration of all natural functions.

Am I eligible for dental implants placement?

Most patients are good candidates for dental  implant placement. Nonetheless, in some cases a multidisciplinary  approach is needed to provide the best dental care for the patient.

I have a medical condition and I am currently on medication. Are dental implants an option for me?

In your first visit, your implantologist will make a detailed analysis of your clinical history considering your medical condition, as well as your current medication. All significant aspects will be evaluated for a minimally invasive procedure.

I am a smoker. Am I eligible for dental surgery?

Clinical studies do indicate a negative influence of smoking on implant surgery. Smoking diminishes blood irrigation of the oral mucosa. Also, delayed tissue healing might be observed. The implant failure rate is thus higher in these patients.

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